This section highlights many of our policies and procedures.  A complete handbook will  be provided to you  upon enrollment.  The handbook will address many of your questions, although it cannot anticipate every circumstance or inquiry. If you have comments or questions which are not addressed here, or in the handbook, please contact the Learning Center Director. Since it may sometimes be necessary to change the guidelines described in this handbook, First Plymouth Learning Center reserves the right to interpret or modify them without prior notice.
           First Plymouth Learning Center follows all rules and regulations of the State of Colorado Health Department, the Colorado Department of Human Services, and the South Metro Fire District.


    First Plymouth Learning Center is an inclusive program, open to all families regardless of race, creed, color, religious beliefs, and economic or educational status. We serve children of all backgrounds. acknowledging that they may represent backgrounds different from our own and committed to providing equal service to all children regardless of these differences. No child or parent will be singled out and treated differently. All staff will be respectful of all families and will treat everyone with compassion and concern.

   By choosing First Plymouth Learning Center, you have opted for a high quality early childhood program that provides a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children. You will see frequent positive and warm interaction among teachers and children, planned learning activities appropriate to the children’s age and stage of development, nutritious snacks, regular two-way communication with parents (who are welcome visitors at all times), effective administration, a sufficient ratio of adults to respond individually to each child, ongoing systematic education, and a respect for cultural diversity.



  Children must be at least fifteen (15) months old and walking by August 15 in order to enroll in First Plymouth Learning Center, and they are no longer eligible once they begin to attend kindergarten. Preschool students are expected to take care of their own toileting needs.


   Children with special needs will be accepted at the First Plymouth Learning Center as long as we have trained personnel and appropriate facilities to accommodate their needs.


First Plymouth Learning Center operates on a traditional school year calendar. Parent’s Day Out (PDO) is on Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and families may choose two or four days each week. The Preschool and Pre-K also runs Tuesday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and preschool/pre-k families may choose three or four days each week. A calendar of school days, vacations, and teacher in-service days is published each year and updated as needed.


FPLC follows the Cherry Creek School District in its school closure policy. If Cherry Creek Schools are closed due to weather, then First Plymouth Learning Center will also be closed. If Cherry Creek announces a delayed opening, FPLC will open at 10:00 a.m., and there will be no supervision for your children until that time.


   We play outside every day. If your child is not well enough to play outside, then your child is not well enough to come to school. When the weather is too cold (approximately 30° or less) or too wet, the classes will have time for large motor activity in the Christian Education Center, also known as “The Big Room”. The same is true when the weather is too hot (over 100°). On sunny days, please apply sunscreen to your child before coming to school; teachers are not allowed by law to apply sunscreen at school.


Please notify First Plymouth Learning Center if you child is ill and will not be attending school that day.  DO NOT send them to school unless they have been fever-free for 24 hours and vomit and diarrhea free for 48 hours.
  If you suspect that your child is ill, please do not send him or her to school. Your child will not enjoy the day, and it is unfair to expose the other children to illness. The teacher may refuse to take a child if her or she has a fever or shows signs of illness.
If your child becomes ill during school hours, we will isolate him or her from the other children and keep the child comfortable until you are able to pick him or her up. In the event of any illness or emergency concerning your child, we will contact you immediately. If your child contracts any contagious disease (strep, impetigo, chicken pox, etc.), please notify us immediately so that we may notify other parents with children in the same class.
First Plymouth Learning Center staff are unable to administer any medication except for an emergency situation. If your child is on routine antibiotics, they must be administered by a parent. Prescribed Epi-Pens may be stored in the office lock box.


   All children enrolled at First Plymouth Learning Center must have an immunization card on file in the school office. Parents have the right to claim a medical, religious, or personal exemption from immunization requirements but a signed exemption form must be on file in the First Plymouth Learning Center office per requirement by the state.


   Your child must be examined by a licensed physician in the 12 months prior to the first day of school. The medical form must be signed by a physician and be placed on file in the office before the child may begin attending the Learning Center. The medical form will need to be updated annually.
Do not send medication to school with your child. Teachers are not allowed to administer medication except under special circumstances such as severe, life-threatening allergies. In such instances, parents must provide the required medications in a sealed container and original packaging identified with the child’s name, the type of medication, and pertinent instructions for its administration. These medications will be administered by the Director or by an authorized teacher who has completed the required four-hour medication dosage class. All medication administered must be entered in the Nurse Consultant logbook. The Nurse Consultant will visit the Learning Center monthly, review the medication log, and provide any necessary health, safety, and nutritional information to the Center staff.



    Please notify the Learning Center of any changes in your address, telephone numbers, or e-mail.
We will make every effort to communicate with parents about your children and their activities. Each day teachers post a “Look What We Did Today” sign on their bulletin boards to keep you informed of the day’s activities. In addition, PDO teachers send home a daily “Toddler Tattler” for each child. The Learning Center publishes a monthly newsletter.
Teacher conferences may be initiated by either the teacher or the parent of any child in the Learning Center. We prefer not to discuss your child in his or her presence and request that conferences be scheduled outside of school hours or over the telephone.
Please check the Parent Bulletin Board in the Learning Center entryway, where special announcements and information of interest will be posted. The First Plymouth Learning Center web site at also contains up-to-date information about the school calendar and activities.


   Our discipline policy is based on the principles of respect for each child and respect for the rights of all members of the Learning Center, and ground rules are taught to reinforce these principles. In all dealings with the children, staff members are accountable for treating them with respect.
With the youngest children, redirection is most commonly used when a conflict arises. Often changing just a single element in the environment will solve the problem. We also use simple words to develop understanding in the children, such as “be gentle” or “take turns”.  We have adopted “Early Childhood Adventures in Peacemaking” as part of our educational program. This curriculum emphasizes conflict resolution appropriate to the child?s stage of development. Children are taught to listen to one another and to solve their relationship conflicts in a ?win-win? atmosphere.
If an ongoing behavior problem occurs, such as hitting, kicking, or biting, parents will be notified, and we will work together to resolve the problem. It is necessary for parents to work cooperatively and closely with the Learning Center staff so that peaceable behavior becomes an expectation both at home and at school. Children with continuing problems which are not resolved may be asked to leave the Learning Center.