For most of our Ladybugs, this is their first experience with school and separation from home.  At FPLC, we provide a warm and loving classroom environment with teachers who excel in supporting your child as he/she develops the skills to become more independent and learn to love school!  We emphasize learning through play and encourage social interaction to help our toddlers explore and learn about the world around them. We use a hands on approach to provide experiences that promote both cognitive and physical development and aid in developing self confidence and independence. A typical day in the ladybug class consists of art projects, games, books and songs that are specifically chosen to fit our monthly themes. Interwoven into the context of our engaging monthly themes is the introduction to basic colors, numbers and shapes. Our days also consist of developing practical skills, engaging our early learners in practices that help them become self sufficient and confident. Practicing putting on our on coats, drinking from cups, retrieving and putting away our things, are just a few skills we practice daily. Our goal is to promote emotional, social, intellectual and physical development in an engaging and fun way!