In the Koala classroom, we strive to teach every child that he/she can do anything and that learning is a life-long adventure.  Through caring for each other, teachers work with the children to promote a sense of mutual respect and community.  We build confidence by teaching important social skills and providing opportunities for leadership.  Children learn perseverance and to take pride in accomplishing goals.  We gain math skills by engaging in fun, hands on activities using a variety of manipulatives to learn how to rote count forwards and backwards, count with 1:1 correspondence, create patterns, and graph, to name just a few!  Teachers help children develop a love of science by collecting and examining rocks, leaves moss, pumpkins, etc., growing a variety of plants in the classroom, and doing experiments.  The class works hard every day to not only learn the letters of the alphabet, but the sounds that each one makes and even learn how to sound out words!  The children are given opportunities to really explore their creativity and express themselves artistically though open ended art projects.  Koalas learn independence and problem-solving skills that serve them far into the future.  With great focus on making positive choices and growing inside and out, Koalas will tend to have an easier time making friends and adjusting to classroom routines in the future.