While a bit older than the Ladybugs, the Bunnies are still learning how to successfully make the transition between home and school each morning.  Our teachers provide the loving support they need to learn that school is a safe and happy place for them to be!  The Bunnies class is an exciting place to learn and we do that through stories, songs and finger plays, creative art and interactive play.  Developmentally appropriate learning activities allow us to explore the world around us as we grow and develop cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  We work on self-help skills, self-confidence and self-control all in a loving, nurturing and caring environment.  Since this age is working on developing their language skills, learning how to communicate effectively with one another is interwoven into the curriculum.  Our teachers promote and support our language learning so that we are better able to express and advocate for ourselves.  Each day is fantastically filled with fun!