Welcome to the Bumblebee classroom! This is a transitional classroom and age where children are adjusting to higher expectations, more independence and major changes in their developmental abilities.  Our teachers set high expectations and with their love and support, the Bumblebees grow in leaps and bounds developmentally, becoming more independent and ready for preschool!  By the end of the school year, the Bumblebees are ready and able to successfully make the transition from the Parent’s Day Out program to the preschool program.
Teachers provide early literacy, math and science activities that promote growth and development cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically.  Through these activities, teachers work to expand on the children’s growing ability to communicate to create problem solving strategies and foster group cooperation. In addition to other self help skills like dressing, undressing, taking responsibility for a mess and social self advocacy, we also work on potty training.  Teachers provide support to both child and their family to make the process as successful and smooth as possible.  Our goal is to get the children ready for the more academic aspects of school and to create a love of learning, setting them up to succeed throughout their school careers. Learning is fun!