In the Brown Bears, children learn how to adapt to a classroom routine and follow a daily schedule. They learn how to make choices for themselves and take responsibility for completing their individual work. Not only do they learn valuable self-help skills, but children also receive classroom jobs, learning what it means to help the greater good and be a part of a community. At group times, the children learn how to listen and participate appropriately.  They spend time working on early literacy activities that teach about the different parts of a book, how to recognize the letters of the alphabet, as well as what sound each letter makes.  Through varied math activities, we learn how to rote count, count with 1:1 correspondence (counting objects) and learn the concept of a group of 10.  Brown Bears get to play with play dough and spend time doing fine motor activities, this helps strengthen and develop the muscles that they need to learn how to write and use scissors effectively.  The children learn how to write their names and then progress to learn how to write the other letters in the alphabet, as well as numerals.  They also learn how to use scissors to cut on straight lines, then curvy, and then finally to cut out actual shapes.  Most importantly, Brown Bears learn how to be a good friend!  They learn how to wait patiently for a turn and how to share toys and materials with their classmates.  The children learn how to stand up for themselves by using their words when they come into conflict with their peers.  Teachers work with the children as facilitators to help them learn how to work through the conflict resolution process together. Finally, Brown Bears learn how to work as a team, like putting together giant floor puzzles, helping one another to reach a common goal.