Developmentally Focused Activity Centers help create opportunities for learning and exploration through play! Play is an activity-oriented medium and the main ingredient of learning in our program. We know that children learn best through activities so we build on what children are already engaging in on their own. FPLC curriculum is designed to enhance children’s natural curiosity and to help foster a life-long love of learning.

Learning Centers at FPLC:


Circle Time:

Where children hear stories, sing songs and do finger plays, play games, and talk about events important to them to begin working on lengthening attention spans and practice appropriate group behavior.

 Dramatic Play:

This area promotes creativity and is helpful with fantasy, role play, and social interaction while also working on social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.


Manipulatives and Block Center:

Offers individual skill building and fine motor development with blocks of various sizes, games, puzzles, and small manipulative toys. This area encourages cooperation, problem solving, math and science skills as well as social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language development.


Art, Music and Science Centers:

These areas provide a variety of materials and activities for creative self-expression, exploration and the development of fine motor skills, descriptive language, cause and effect and decision making.  Children get the opportunity to interpret and process various kinds of sensory information, boosting brain activity.


Writing Center:

Works on pre-writing skills with activities focused on letter recognition, sounds, phonics and vocabulary. Pre-K students use journals to create weekly works of literature, practicing hand writing and illustration skills.


Book Center:

With a focus on reading and early literacy, this area is a cozy place for a child to curl up quietly with a good book while beginning to learn how to read.  Students work on recognizing letters, sounds and beginning sight words essential to literary growth and starting the love of the written word.


 Outside and Gross Motor: 

This is a time for movement with large muscle groups to develop self-awareness and physical abilities.  Peer play aides in social/emotional and problem solving skill development, giving numerous opportunities for guided conflict resolution.